Monday, January 16, 2012

It's Monday...

... another Monday morning.  They seem to come and go so quickly,  passing by and racing onto the next.  A friend asked me this morning at the gym what my day held, and I didn't really know the answer.  I am usually such a planner, but of late have taken to less of it.  Monday is usually a home day for me: catch up from the weekend, laundry, house cleaning, picking up around the place, grocery shopping if needed.  Today those things seem so mundane.  I'd rather a fun lunch date laughing with friends, or be  planning some fun event.  But it's January and not much happens in January.

Kids are pushing into the end of semester and final exams... pressure.  Don't you feel it sometimes?  How many more times will I pick up these socks?  unload this dishwasher?  fill a lunch box?  The day to day. Pressures pushing the joy out of you.  And so I remind myself to be thankful for the small things, find gratitude in the moments, the ableness, the choices I have, that so many don't.

So I'm going to dive into this new cook book and liven things up around here :)  Finish my laundry pile and make the kids some much needed cookie love.  How's your Monday looking?

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"bigcanadiangirl" said...

Mine was awesome. I woke up with sweet dreams of HCJ in my head, had breakfast at a cute restaurant in the West Village, wandered and snapped photos. It's not really fair to mention because it was NOT my average Monday. I hear you on the mundane.