Monday, February 20, 2012

Enjoying Home

Just spending Monday recovering from a weekend of driving and sitting; here I am doing some more sitting and reading, smelling bread bake.  I've been contemplating what God has for me during this time.  More time to get into His Word, to be impressed upon by what He has to show me for right now.  I feel that I'm being led to read and study Ezekiel.  Definitely think I might need some commentary after chapter 1.  I have been feeling like a new season is upon me, even before I was send to a screeching halt with my knee injury, so it's all in THE plan.  I want MORE of Him, MORE fullness and courage in this journey, to be every day MORE full of His glory.  But often times don't know how to get it, or get there.  I thought by this age I would have it figured out, would have "arrived", but still I struggle to be consistent in study and to join what I say in my head I want to practice with each moment lived.  And so sometimes it feels easier to give up. To let the idea or dream fade away,  the idealism die.  And I'm an idealist!  
But I do know God is always faithful to complete what He started.  His Word is rich every time I open it with fresh eyes, or not so fresh morning eyes.

Now for you are are asking for volleyball :)  Who would have thought I'd have such athletic kids?  The girls came in 5th this weekend (of 18).  There are some tough teams out there!  It was a good first tournament and I'm pretty sure the coach will have lots of things he wants to work on, starting again tonight.  No rest for the weary!  Erin's #7 usually front middle, red jerseys the first day, black the 2nd.  Nice they don't have to wear a stinky one over again :0

Here's my girl back to serve and then make some nice digs in the back row.  She only plays back row when she has served the ball.  #3 and #8 on our team have both been picked up to play CIS university v-ball next year.
A nice block and hit at the end for the point!

This team from Fraser Valley will be the ones to beat.  They are amazing!

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"bigcanadiangirl" said...

Remind me never to play against Erin in a volleyball match.