Monday, May 14, 2012

Mom's Day

I love the 2 that have made me a Mom.  It's the BEST job in the world!!!  We had a good day together yesterday.  I pretty much forced them to go to do a photo shoot in honor of the day. We had a family photo done with the whole Op't Land side at Christmas, but only got 1 of our immediate family, and Erin had puked about 30 seconds before it.
 We started with a  fair bit of groaning initially, but eventually it turned into some good fun. 


It deteriorated rather quickly into some of this though...

 And some other brilliant pose ideas, (don't mind the cleavage)
 The kids wanted to get the "Father's Day photos" out of the way too while we were at it. 
 These 2 (Erin and Kevin) are NOT very cuddly!
The quote of the day, "She didn't want to hold my hand when she was 3, I don't think she does now either"
So true!!  She's an independent one!

 I totally have an assistant for you though Tara... he set up some "parent poses" and then said, nearly everytime, "OK, now kiss" and snapped the shot!  It was some pretty harsh, hot lighting at 1 in the afternoon!  Bibble needs to fix these, but he's not home.

 Erin's shot of Jacob, "contemplating life" and trying to get his amazingly LONG eyelashes!

Jacob explaining the Titanic pose he'd like to shoot, it's NOT going on the blog!

To all the Moms, and those praying to be Moms, those without Moms, and the many many orphans who need a Mom (love this week's read after Time magazine's shocking cover), to the single Moms who do so much, and all the women who make this world a better place because they love like a Mom.

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"bigcanadiangirl" said...

I love that first shot. I want to see the Titanic shot - was it the "King of the World" move?