Wednesday, July 4, 2012

It's Already July!!

We finally celebrated Erin's June birthday.  You would think it would be hot and sunny, and we could go in the pool!  NO!  It was a huge 14 degrees or something.  The kids ended up roasting s'mores over a fire last night, curled up in fleece jackets.  Ended up being a fun night, just in a different sort of way.  I always think, all this rain will keep away the fires that seem to have become an annual event somewhere around here every summer, so I'm thankful, especially with what's going on in Colorado.
We planned a photo scavenger hunt which ended up with some hilarious shots!  Most of them on someone else's phone, but we did manage to get a few on camera.

A "view" of Kelowna
"find someone with a mustache"
"crossing the street duckling style"

Erin did some baking/decorating, par usual, on her own cake...  Yummy!

Happy 4th of July my south of the border friends... and my boy who was born there!

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missy said...

Happy belated birthday Erin!!! I absolutely LOVE that cake. So talented.... :)