Saturday, June 22, 2013

June Goings On...what we've been up to

It has been such a treat to be home and not working except 1 day so far this June, well and a meeting or 2. You certainly wouldn't be able to tell by the state of my house and the meals on the table.  We've had loads of events and year end stuff. 

At the end of May, we had a whirl wind trip to Edmonton where our girls came 9th at Nationals!  A huge accomplishment for small town Kelowna.  Two Ontario teams from Toronto area were 1st and 2nd, then 2 Vancouver area teams were 3rd and 4th.  We rounded out making for 3 BC teams in the top 10!!  All 11 girls have been signed to play post-secondary (CCAA and and 4 playing CIS), except one who is moving to France (poor girl) and another who has opted to stay home for year instead of moving away to play.  Great job for an awesome group of young women!

Jacob was volleyball MVP of the year for grade 9.  YAY!

 Athletic banquet night... Erin was high school MVP for volleyball :) 

A good old fashioned game of shirts vs. skins ensued last Saturday where Rutland vs. Rutland in soccer.  When do boys do that anymore?  It was so great to watch.  These boys all know each other so well since they've all played together for years and go to school together.  Since one team has been dominating the season (not ours), they opted to mix up the teams and play a good sportsmanlike game, where the referees joined in the fun!  It was also so nice to not watch a game of 14-0!! 

Jacob had a grade 9 year end party at the beach.  Instead of a dress up evening function, they opted on a casual day, which for the boys, was definitely way better than having to wear a tie to some dinner, and sit and listen to some talking, while the girls all hope some cute guy notices them in the dress the spent 29 hours shopping for.  I got to be the Mom for the day and buy all the groceries... instead of the torture of taking a teenage boy shopping for a tie!  So happy!

A hoodie at the beach?  Come on sunshine!   Calgary needs you especially!

 And last day of school DQ treats with the usual crowd :)  Yippee!!

  Somewhere in all that mess, Erin turned 18!!  Nope, I know what you're wondering, the legal drinking age is 19 here,  and she could care less.... So HAPPY!  
God sent her an awesome rainstorm, her favorite thing!  And June isn't over yet!  Prom is yet to come!!  Can't wait!!

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bigcanadiangirl said...

So excited to switch to your blog and see posts. Yay! I love the video of your kids jumping in the rain.