Saturday, June 22, 2013

Happy Anniversary to Us

We made it 19 years, which is apparently a feat these days!  For me it's seemed easy,  but how can it not when you're married to such a great and easy going guy?  Talented, smart, funny and hard working, always ready to say "yes" to whatever I suggest.  He's so awesome and amazing and I am truly blessed that he was brought into my life when he was, and stuck around.

Also, apparently I put Kevin to sleep by now with my shenanigans, or he's gotten used to the stupidity.

We were also NOT interrupted by a lovely post-dinner text wishing us a Happy Anniversary.  We were just getting out of the car to go on a walk by the lake.  It had stopped raining long enough so we took advantage of a nice quiet evening with no beach traffic whatsoever!


bigcanadiangirl said...

Sorry about the text. Congratulations to an awesome pair!!!

Linda said...

I said we were NOT interrupted, it was a lovely and timely text :)