Saturday, July 20, 2013

More California

 We had fog most of the way down the northern coast, so there weren't many sitting on the warm beach days, but it was so pretty and scenic all down the coast highway. I have a lot of scenic "vista point" shots, much to Jacob's disappointment... "we're stopping again?"

 Pudding Creek trestle near Ft. Bragg.

 An evening walk to Glass Beach, a spot that used to be right by the city dump, that was filled with glass, and the beach has become just smooth eroded glass particles.  Kind of cool.

 Some girls with morning bedhead... neither of us are morning people.. 
Luckily, I knew he was waiting with the camera.

 Lighthouse near Mendocino, such a quaint little coastal town, was where the old show "Murder She Wrote" was filmed.

 In the lighthouse keepers house. I've been oddly fascinated by their lives and recently read a novel about life out on a lighthouse island.  No coffee dates with girlfriends that's for sure!

 My most awesome wet burrito in Half Moon Bay!!  Oh Mexican food, how I love thee...

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