Sunday, July 21, 2013

San Francisco and south

The Monterey Bay Aquarium was really awesome!  The sea horses and jellies were my favorites!

 Overlook to the Golden Gate Bridge

 Oh bougainvilleas... how I love thee!  Wish I could grow one here.

The hydrangeas planted up this street were so gorgeous and in full bloom, the street was neat too.

Since Alcatraz was totally sold out 2 weeks before when I checked (if you plan this trip, you need to look at least a month ahead to buy tickets for summer), we took a boat tour around the bay and around the island.  It was really fun and probably way more cool than dirty jail cells?  I worked in a jail once anyways...

 Jacob sporting the American flag, enjoying the birthplace.


 And the most awesome weather the entire trip was in Santa Cruz, so we stopped to play on the beach for a few hours.  We didn't ride the roller coaster on the boardwalk.  None of are really into rides much.   I loved the ZIPPER every year at the Stampede as a teenager,  but I can't handle it anymore.

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