Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Sweetest of it All

It's so good to get away, from the routine, the chores, the usual, the same way of thinking that tends to press down when under sameness.... and to just do and see something different.  And it's so good to come home again to the usual, the same, and the way constant things make life your own.

We love to road trip, most of the time.  Had a few really long driving days where it was enough, but oh the amazing things you get to see when you drive through so many terrains and communities.

We drove between home and Bend, OR the first and last day.  Long days, but rewarded in our last hour of driving by a sunset over Mt. Hood.

First stop Crater Lake.  This has been on my list for awhile!!  Definitely a must see!!  Totally amazing!!  The deepest lake in N. America with an underwater visibility of 40 ft. it is so clear.  I did not test that out.  The boys however did, although it was so mighty cold, I don't think they measured.  I think they are losing the hearty Alberta boy glacier lake abilities.

The lake is in the top of a volcano crater.  Various theories on how that happened, billions of years stuff, blah.. blah. 

  It is seriously that blue!!

 We headed west and followed the Rogue River for a long time, so we stopped to look at some amazing falls.

Then we hit the N. California coast and FOG!

 Didn't stop these guys from some beach v-ball

 KD doing his jump serve...

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