Friday, April 29, 2016

Quotable Quotes by Dr. Campbell et al.

Our team finds our mighty leader Dr. Matteo quite hilarious and has been compiling a list of his most quotable moments.  It does make 6:30 am breakfast meetings much more bearabe.

We can't leave out a few other quotable moments from other group members. Here is a compilation (of course some had to be there moments ). Do with thanks to the Menno Chicks for list making:

"Kevin needs an Ativan". After the biting Dayna and chasing Freddie incident.

"I thought I saw a woman laboring over there, but it was just Francis getting into scrubs."

On viruses: chikungunya,  chimichanga, kookaracha,  chicharito.

Sorry we are traumatizing your fascia with our gauza. (To Leenda packing an open bowel resection wound).

No more duelly in the belly.

On empanadas: man that was good, just jam that stone further into my bile duct.

"Doing a colonscopy is like driving a bumper car while drunk with people flinging stuff at you."

Would your friend like to close us in prayer (re: the praying mantis).
"He already is",  Dayna Goetz

The blonde eyed gringa divino nino.

Buggs on patient care: "Monkey see, monkey do".  Only in Bolivia can you pee with your patients.  Take turns holding the IV bag.  Banyo buddies.

If you are ill,  maybe you shouldn't go outside and eat jungle animals.

If you eat tapir, you can be an anteater eater.

Dr. Foor: "You ladies are doing a great job in here. I don't care what Dr. Campbell says."

Patient to Katie... in Spanish. "You are as white as the walls"

If you want to eat havalena, armadillo, and our friend the tapir... the armadillo fest will happen tonight.

Freddie on sloths: " his head is so small I think he is micro cephalic".

If you want to spread Anthrax, put it in your checked baggage with Nestlé Quik and have it explode.

I'd rather have diarrhea than leprosy.

Dr. Foor, "I went to the store and acted like a monkey and they gave me shampoo and deodorant. All I wanted was bananas.

At the armadillo feast:
"I hope someone here knows how to do the heimlich.

We are guests in this country so we will smile and eat and chew our food and not be ugly North Americans.

Marilyn, "Jeanette could you please pass the armadillo ".

Stephanie, "I don't understand the bone formation ".

"You've made a great dissection of that"....Katie

If you carve out your orange, you can hide stuff inside. ... Stephanie

"I've never danced with a mayor before",  Dayna

Thanks everyone for so much hard work and lots of good laugh til you cry moments.

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