Tuesday, April 12, 2016

T-3 to Bolivia

I am so privileged to be heading back to Bolivia for round 2. It is such an amazing blessing to serve these people and work with this team!! Can't believe a year has gone by already!!   Bags are packed and weigh in at 41 pounds.  Lucked out on clean out day of the supply room on my last day with students at the hospital.  Scored a few more supplies to take along.  Thank you 4A nurses and supply room guy. 

I am somewhat dreading the 22 hours of travel to get there, and then back too!  Would love to just snap my fingers and arrive.  But I have a gook book that I am trying not to read before I get on the plane and a new pillow for the red eye.  The journey is part of getting your mind ready too. I will see a few airports en route- Calgary, Las Vegas, Miami, La Paz, Dallas. And I am so looking forward to a few days of travel in the country afterwards with my Bolivian friend... who speaks Spanish (yay), since my class didn't get me much further!

Hello Sweetheart!  I can't wait to see you again!

I may or may not be blogging while I'm there, depends on wifi and how fast I can type on my phone. Probably will be easier to just post photos via facebook and a photo always tells so much of the story!!
So please send some prayers for our team:
- for safety in the OR and post-op without all the equipment we have at home, it has its nervous moments. (Cindy .... I scored a pediatric mask in a pile of stuff, like it was meant to be there)
- for good outcomes and healing for our patients, they amaze me with their resilience and lack of need for pain meds. Physical and spiritual.
- health and resistance against Montezuma for our team
- that everyone makes their flight connections and arrives!  We have 24 people going and I am not the only Canadian this year (next closest to me is Manitoba and California).  We have so many more volunteers coming this year that we will also run an outreach team into the surrounding communities.  I hope to get in on that for at least a day or 2.
- getting all our supplies, meds etc. through customs quickly and efficiently!  The Americans usually take about 2 hours.  Canadians... they love us.  I got the green light last year and walked out without speaking to anyone, just got a nice stamp in my passport.
- that God would work through us in amazing ways.  It's so easy to love these people so that part comes easy!
- for families back home who let us go away - Dayna, our OR nurse, is coming for 2 weeks this year and leaving her younger kids!  Mine will survive on pizza and A&W.

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