Sunday, April 24, 2016

The Gift of Team

" And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us".

 In this world, words can be cheap...verbose.... hurtful.. slanderous.... judgemental.  And action behind a word can mean so much more. Putting to action your words gives you credibility, shows you actually mean what you say and is long lasting. I have seen the power of both here this week. People who say they want to help the poor and needy, to love and care for children, orphans and the less fortunate - have worked a 50+ hour week (without pay) tirelessly using their skills and knowledge and the heart they possess to put skin ( and often skillful hands) onto their very heart felt desires.

When a team have worked all week,  have a few hours of rest, still see their patients each weekend morning and then gets a call during lunch that a patient has turned sour,  5 people jump up to head back for emergency surgery. I am blessed by their amazing gift of selflessness. So is that appendicitis lady.

So what about a word? On the other hand, just one word can change a heart, and be an amazing gift. I have needed some of those words this week. .... one word just to communicate when charades aren't working.  A word like.....pain..... NOW.... when did you last eat? (to empanada boy- who accidentally slipped that his sip of tea had washed down 2 empanadas), are you riding a motorcycle home post-op (for 2 hours on no pavement?), YES you will feel your legs and walk again when the spinal wears off (to a hard working man in his 20s who has no clue about this medicine and is FREAKING out), NO your family member is not dead- just anesthetized ( the problem with family being able to see and come into recovery room), I'm so sorry you have to wait 3 more hours for surgery because a baby is being born in the OR right now, and we will take care of your little one like it is our own and bring him back safely.

Our translator has been amazing this week. An 18 year old MK from Cochabamba.. so mature, so fun, so gifted in her interactions with patients. But pulled in so many directions with our busy team.  She will be a wonderful nurse!!! Heading to Florida in Sept.  to study.  Slipped her some photos of my guapo, almost 18 year old son .

Thank you to my sponsor... Spanish /English dictionary app. and Roberto, my 5 Spanish lessons teacher.  It didn't get me far.

So many more stories to tell...

A word. An action. A smile. An encouraging high 5. The real Word gives us reason to be both.

" The Word became flesh and made His dwelling among us. We have seen His glory.  The glory of the one and only Son, who came from the Father full of grace and truth" John 1:14

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