Friday, January 25, 2008

End of Semester

I'm always looking for a reason to celebrate. So what better reason than the end of the semester for my girl? So with a big Breyer's ice cream sundae with lots of toppings, I think we should end every Friday that way. She is very glad to be done with her French teacher. She still got an A in the class, but couldn't stand the teacher. Too bad........ it is a good life still to learn to deal with people that you don't enjoy. That was her character building lesson for the semester. Starting Monday, there will be some new courses on the schedule like woodworking and drama. That shall be interesting. I will be happy for a change. We have been only moderately happy with the new school this year, but it's not time to make any rash decisions. So from now on it looks like life will revert to being lived on a semester basis. I thought I was done that when I finished university... well that's not true, I always figured I'd go back to school sometime.

My boy stayed home with me today. He had a sore knee that has been bothering him off and on, so what better reason to stay home and keep Mom company while I sew and he watched a movie and read books? We had a great day. He is so easy going! Last night while the girl child was at youth group, the 3 of us went to the downtown library and signed out a stack of books. We haven't done that in awhile. He is worried that he won't get them all done by the time they are due back, I said he'll be done them by Sunday. 3 are done today. The quote of the week was from yesterday's parent teacher meeting. I LOVE his teacher, he is so great. He would like to clone our son and his excellent attitude and work habits. A classroom full of him would be a teacher's dream :) Makes me smile. But he's a one of a kind!! And we get to enjoy it!


The Dukes Family said...

You have great kids. The ice cream idea is fun! So weird to think you're on semesters. Are you not using your kids' names anymore? And I like your new title. And what are you sewing?? So many questions from that one post.

"bigcanadiangirl" said...

Congrats to "your girl" and "your boy" and their parents. Is Jacob still really cuddly?