Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Remind me I don't like 2 night shifts in a row....

I'm heading in for my 2nd night shift in a row. One isn't too bad, but 2 makes me tired. Hey I could have a baby that I'm up with every 3 hours all night or something- don't worry, those days are over for me. When they phoned me to do the shifts I had just planned my girls' weekend that is coming up, so thought the extra money would be nice, so I'll be thinking that at 4 am when I'm trying to make sure I give someone the correct drugs :) The 4 of us nurses had a good time last night and the same 4 of us are on again tonight. I really like some of the the girls I work with. We had a poor old lady come in who had slipped on the ice and broke her jaw, had emergency surgery and had her jaw wired shut. Poor thing.... I thought what if that had been my Gramma?--- she was so easy to be compassionate for--- even made the 20 year old with the same surgery but from a fight seem not so bad.

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