Monday, February 4, 2008

Casper is a name my hubby used to get called as a child

I am quite enjoying my latest read. It is about a pastor of 25 years who has given up pastoring because he has some issues with the ways of the N. American church. He has hired an atheist to visit different churches with him and give his honest critique. Along the way, they become friends and have some open discussion about "evangelism", God, religion, Jesus, and being a "lost sheep". They critique all the big churches in the US. Maybe I am a little cynical myself and thus am enjoying it a little too much.... the most shocking thing is my non-reading husband is ahead of me in the book. I'll give you more later because I have just started.


The Dukes Family said...

I've heard of this book and thought it sounded interesting.

Sandra said...

Tell us more! 'Heard a bit of a radio broadcast series that had an athiest, a practicing pagan, and a Christian doing the same. SO interesting!