Saturday, February 23, 2008

It's About Time...

That's what many people tell us... we live 45 minutes from an amazing ski hill and we have never taken our kids. Well $5 Friday night happened, so for $60 we all rented skis, got our lift tickets and headed out for an evening of entertainment. The boy was totally pumped about going; the girl pouted all day before hand about going because she was terrified. After a quick 2 second instruction from Dad, they were pushed down the bunny hill. We lasted there 2 runs and then figured we'd hit the big chair (OK- the short green run), mostly because the "Magic Carpet" wasn't on and we had to walk up the hill. There was a bigger Magic carpet than in this video.

After 1 run on the big hill, the boy turned into a speed machine. He was ecstatic about the chair lift! The girl kept on at a much slower pace for fear of falling and learned all the ins and outs of the snow plow. She was less than ecstatic about the chair lift and only caused them to stop it once while unloading :) After the 2nd time though she admitted to having fun!! All one needs once in awhile is a little attitude adjustment and we were proud of her for making it, actually on the drive up. This is what character is about. Once in awhile I need an attitude adjustment too.

By the end of our 3 1/2 hours, we were tired and the kids were doing amazing!! Jacob skiing nearly as fast as me, a little out of control mind you, and Erin doing amazing turns and feeling pretty confident. I think I learned that sometimes doing something you're a little scared of is a good thing. Character building and you feel good after. Thanks to my daughter for that lesson.


The Dukes Family said...

What a fun day!!

Sandra said...

First of all, how GREAT to hear your voice!

Second, how moving (?), encouraging (?), thought-provoking, to listen to Daddy giving patient direction to his girl. Beautiful.

And third, way to go, Erin! As a gal who has attempted "skiing" (aka: sliding down various mountainsides on my bum because I'm to afraid to stand up!) many, many times with a variety of painful and embarassing results, my toque is off to you for braving something so scary!

"bigcanadiangirl" said...

Hear! Hear! Kevin is a very patient Daddy, reminds me of my own.
Good job kids!