Monday, February 4, 2008


Today I had the pleasure of serving women. Our church put on a "spa day" for underprivileged women in the community. It was a great idea whoever had it! We had close to 50 women come from different womens' shelters, the street church downtown picked up a bus load and from who knows where else. They had stations set up where they could have a pedicure, manicure, a hair cut and style (not my area), nail art, massage, a free clothing area, free child care, and then the meal area- where I was- making egg salad and hot appetizers. They all left with an amazing gift bag and a pink and white rose. What a joy to make someone's day a little more special. I hope that they felt Lavished upon!

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The Dukes Family said...

What a great ministry ... I'm sure those women felt so cared for and blessed. Great idea!