Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Clydehurst Ranch

The continuation of our holiday story....

The second week of our vacation, we spent at a family camp. We had a great time! The last few years we have always taken 2 weeks of holiday time together, and Kevin now swears (well he doesn't actually swear) by it. It takes 3 days to unwind, and then you want to enjoy a few days without thinking about going back to work, and with only 1 week that never happens. So 2 is the best- well wouldn't 4 be sweet?

As a child and teenager Kevin's family had been to this camp several times, so it was time to check it out with our kids. Their mandate roughly is that families are busy and don't have enough time together, that our lives are so rushed that we need undistracted time together. Also, they feel that a lot of American couples with kids, don't have the time to spend quality time together alone to build strong marriages and family. So to do this they offer lots of fun activities you can do together, AND lots of fun activities for just the kids to do supervised, and also free babysitting every night. We didn't really use that, it was more for younger families. Our kids sort of ran free around the camp, but we did enjoy some time together too. It was a very loosely scheduled week. Loved it! My girl was in her glory because she went riding- Western- everyday. The boys enjoyed paint ball and riflery (I took my one shot and broke the glass bottle target so didn't have to take anymore shots, and my girl was freaked out). We did hiking and fly fishing, played pool, ping pong and volleyball, swam in the pool and sat on the "Front Porch" coffee shop every night drinking Italian sodas. We enjoyed the chapel speaker who was a theology prof. from Moody. It was all very "unchurchy" too so we liked that relaxed atmosphere and fun. The kids both made friends with other kids and families that were there from all over. Shockingly, we most enjoyed a family we met from Lethbridge- not at all because they were the only other Canadians but the girls were the same age.

Family pack a picnic lunch day- they had all the picnic stuff ready to go and you loaded up and went for lunch somewhere just your family. We also had a steak BBQ Friday night- so good! We felt totally spoiled by the staff who just loved us all.

My favorite coffee shop! It was amazing! Well and cheap!
Starbucks eat your heart out!

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