Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Signs of Summer

It takes only a quick glance around to notice that summer has definitely arrived! When I look around the yard, this is what I see and know that there is much fun to be had, much dirt to be dug, and much water to be sprayed. I know that there is happiness and joy filling my home, and the laughter of friends, and almost always a stray neighbor boy or 2. The first summer we were here, from May- September, we had 41 nights with company, mostly family, but lots of friends passing through too. Now that we're into our 8th summer, it is down to a more manageable B&B pace, and we love the fun and good conversation that people bring to our home, the time and relaxation we sometimes miss in the busyness of the winter and spring months. Our first, and possibly only set of company this summer has come and gone, but there's always hope for more.

A fun afternoon down at the river!

Sawyer and Huck

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Randi said...

What company did you have?

I wish I were coming!