Friday, August 15, 2008


There are a lot of philosophies out there these days that encourage you to look to your power within, your own strength, to dream the best for your life and go out and accomplish it. They tout that you are the creator of your own destiny and that you can make whatever you want happen in your life a reality. Take hold of life and be all you can be!! While I believe in that last part I think the rest is a load of crap! How does that help us deal with everyday life? Life that sometime throws us things that we have absolutely no control over. Life that is in many moments not all we dreamed it would be, life that in the late nights is boring, lonely and not quite full of all the moments, people and experiences we imagined. How does this world philosophy help us deal with disappointment?

Lately I've been on the giving end of listening to a few who are in the disappointment of life. It doesn't make sense, it is hard, it is requires the most patience they've ever had to give, and it isn't what they had planned or hoped for their lives, but nothing they can do can change it. So where do you go from here? How do you have victory in these circumstances? I've thought of this a lot, OK a bit, over the last few days.... I just want to fix it, make it better, and make it go away. But I know that this is how character is built and that is the best result. Jesus said, "Come unto me all you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest". His idea and life philosophy seems to make the most sense of all. We are all broken people with some things that need to get fixed. We have lots of disappointments and He wants to worry about them with us. He's the one putting us together into the glory of what He created each one of us to be. Jesus is the one that fills all the empty, disappointing holes in life. And then we can see each other as works in progress and live with more grace and more love for each other. I'm glad someone knows what's going on!

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