Monday, August 25, 2008

Things I've Recently, or not so recently, Discovered

  • I sometimes really have nothing interesting to say, or anything to say at all, so I just keep quiet. That may come as surprise to some of you. So I'll copy Randi's post.
  • Towels get really stinky when you leave them in the washer for a few days without drying them
  • A good way to tire out a border collie is to take him for a 10km run on your bike and then play fetch in the river for an hour.
  • You can count on rain when you plan a summer BBQ with 5 young boys coming with their families. It's always better to clean the family room AFTER, not BEFORE.
  • People you've known for awhile can never cease to amaze you with some new idea or personality trait
  • It's always better to wait a day for the peaches to ripen than to fight with peeling them the day before. With plants and gardens, patience is a virtue.
  • A novel on a cloudy summer day is a good way to spend an afternoon
  • 44 cents for clothes at Superstore is a good way to load up your closet, but if you don't like it now, you won't later, and it's still not worth 44 cents. It can make 2 new pairs of shoes pretty exciting for a 13 year old
  • The last week of summer often feels boring and dreadingly dreadful, especially for children. Note to self: next summer plan to go away the last week :)
  • An evening with friends is a good way to make a heart feel not so lonely
  • A bee sting can really put a damper on a sleep over
  • If you don't work you don't get a pay cheque
  • Cheesecake is always good for breakfast, just ask Kevin


Randi said...

Love that!

"bigcanadiangirl" said...

Love it too! I love the part about "don't work - don't get a paycheck". I know this from personal experience.