Friday, August 15, 2008

Tooth Fairy

I have the sweetest boy! You know sometimes you just wonder if your kids are going to turn out or if you're totally messing them up. I hope that they don't turn out in the least like myself. And sometimes you just are amazed at their sensitivity and kindness. Well this is one of those moments. My boy had his friend sleep over last night and just before bed, the friend's tooth fell out. My boy found a Ziplok to put it in so he could take it home to the tooth fairy. I told him he should just put it under his pillow tonight thinking that I'd put a little surprise in there until he told me that for his last tooth he got 5 bucks! Being the wonderful mother I am, I completely forgot!
This morning as I'm in there helping them move the mattress out of his room so they have more play space, he looks under the pillow and is so excited to find 50 cents! How sweet is that?


Kevin said...

So is your point that you are forgetful or that the tooth fairy is actually real?

Randi said...

Oh Kevin. :)

Jacob is so sweet.

"bigcanadiangirl" said...

I love that - I'm just thinking that inflation has really had an effect on the tooth fairy. I used to get a quarter.