Sunday, August 31, 2008

In My Next Life I am Going to Marry a Cowboy

I hope you will enjoy with me for a moment the sights and sounds and almost smells, it's so real, of the Armstrong Fair. We go every year and love it all, every bit of it!! Especially me and my girl!! I eat this stuff up, not the stuff on the ground! Why- oh why was I born a city girl?? I am totally marrying a farmer/rancher/cowboy named Kevin in my next life! With bulging biceps from hauling hay all day and tight Wrangler jeans - OK - NOooooo I really don't like the tight jeans! I love my stay at home cowboy and wouldn't trade him for anything!!

What a fun day of visiting the 4-H booths and seeing all the livestock, eating fudge, and smelling (no eating) cotton candy, hearing rooster crowing contests and watching cows being milked, seeing all the different farming implements and machines that you can buy, and staying up late to watch the rodeo and all those crazy fools who maim themselves riding bulls and wild horses. Lots of spills and thrills happened this night!

I am so glad I am not pig!! Or that I didn't have this many babies at once. Can you say milking machine??

My boy's favorite the Super Dogs! This is actually a friend of ours and his dog.


Randi said...

In your next life??? What's with your jacked up theology? :) I'm just kidding. That looked like a fun day. We love the fair too ... we go to the State Fair of Texas every year and it's always so much fun!

Linda said...

Most of my regular readers know I don't believe in reincarnation :) But I think that "building me a mansion in glory thing" is actually a ranch. I think I could convince this husband to be a cowboy if he didn't have hayfever.

Kevin said...

I could probably manage the tight jeans but the bulging biceps seem a little out of reach.