Thursday, April 23, 2009

Random Thoughts

Spring??? We're being taunted I tell you! There must be a conspiracy somewhere. One day, it's warm and actually I have donned shorts- ONCE- and then it drops down and the cold wind feels like fall again. I actually went out in a t-shirt today and felt OK about it. Then by afternoon I'm wearing a jacket and want my gloves.

I had a lovely time shopping this afternoon with some older ladies in the store eager to help me find what I needed. It was at Ten Thousand Villages, which you must go into if you have one nearby, where they are all volunteer church ladies. I don't normally get help with my purchases, I'd rather just look and browse, but something came over me today, they just looked so approachable and desirous of helping that we had a lovely time. They were the ones who told me that Calgary is in a blizzard today. Is it true? She said her daughter e-mailed photos this morning! The funny thing is we were going to go to Calgary on Monday, but too many things got in the way. Thankfully we were here to avoid the blizzard and for Jacob to be at home sick for 3 days not travelling or at someone else's house.

I find it amazing that a boy can rig up a foam bullet shooting machine gun with a pen laser pointer taped to the side so accurately that it hits you right in the neck or head every time! I gave up on the no guns thing awhile ago. It's like they were born to be warriors, fighters for some bigger purpose. Don't judge me. I got tired of calling the water GUNS, water sprayers. We all know they are guns, and who can't live an Okanagan summer without them?

I'm glad my hubby is cleaning off my computer, and I'm not talking dust. There are so many duplicate files, downloaded games and junk on there. I am going to have huge giga mega hippo bytes of space by tomorrow! See you really should get your husband to quit work every now and then, you would be amazed the energy they have for household jobs. Work really does take up too much mental space. Oh, what would the world be like if we didn't need money to live? We could all do what our hearts desired, and nothing important would ever get done, but oh the fun and relaxing afternoons we'd have!

Survivor is on soon, I really hope they get rid of that Coach guy, he's about to drive me looney! Do you actually know anyone like that?


Sandra said...

No judgment here! Lol.

When they started shaping everything from toast to towels into guns I knew I'd lost the pacifist struggle in our household.

Still no head-shots, though.

Oh, right.

I lost THAT hold-out last weekend when they (three plus friends)gleefully trapsed in the back door after a massive airsoft battle ~ all with welts on their foreheads and cheeks.

There are no tea parties here.

Sandra said...

Oh! And Ten Thousand Villages are brilliant stores, right?!

And poor Coach needs his meds ~ but last night's outcome was pretty entertaining. :)

Randi said...

Were you bothered by the vote last night? I'm tired of Coach too although he does provide comic relief.

I gave up on the gun thing too. With my first I was so sure they'd never have guns - now Luke makes a gun out of everything and Elijah has an Air-Soft. There are bigger fish to fry.