Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Counting Down

The days are soooo long..... when will it ever be done? My poor boy, he just doesn't know if he can make it to the end. I'm not so sure myself. Dear sweet Jesus, give us all strength. The nights are getting later with the light evenings, and the mornings are getting grumpier and grumpier. He doesn't do so well without his beauty sleep. This morning Jacob woke up early to a nose bleed, then as we were leaving, he hit himself in the nose starting it all up again. Then Kevin loads him up to take him to school and he's covered in blood and looks like he's gotten into a fight on the way to school, and everyone is grumpy. We're on the verge of a major melt down here any day. We might need a stay at home mental health day just to make to next THURSDAY! NEXT THURSDAY!!! What is the point??? They aren't doing a thing!! Erin has only 2 more days, so certainly that does not help things. But we're trying to teach commitment and finishing to the end.

So in lieu of any sort of planned, organized event which no one can handle any more of, we skipped church this weekend and went hiking down by the creek. Communing with nature and seeing how big of a stick Ditto really can fetch out of the stream. It was so peaceful... the dog whom we all love and cherish, has a bit of extreme love for water. Now, he's not really a barking dog, but as soon as he figured where we were going, he would not shut up! He went into ballistic attacks of excitement. The problem is, he loves to swim more than anything, but he won't even get out and he's shivering and going into hypothermia. The run-off is making the water pretty cold! The kids didn't even want to wade much.

He found a twin to swim with, but they definitely figured out whose stick belonged to who.

Ditto does this thing when he's fetching a stick that we all think is so cute. When he's bounding through tall grass or whatever, the last jump before he lands on the stick, is this lingering in the air jump with his ears cocked up just so. We tried about 10 times to get it on video, but he stopped doing it. This is the closest thing:


"bigcanadiangirl" said...

You can do it Jacob!! You're almost there.

Linda said...

i love that thing, its like he pauses in midair, then falls down and his ears stick straight up, adorable!!!