Wednesday, June 10, 2009

This Week in the Garden

Well, a lot has been happening in the garden this week. Yesterday was a full 8 hour day of yard work and things are shaping up around here. We had 5 yards of topsoil delivered last week and have been busy moving dirt around. I have my vegetable garden back!! Last year we put the pool on top of it, but it didn't receive enough sun to warm it up, so it has been moved and my veggies are back. They seem to get enough sun there, except I do plant my tomatoes elsewhere because they love some more heat. The cedars have been pruned (all 104 of them), the seeds planted, the container pots dug out of the shed and filled with blooms (only 2 pots this year due to budgetary constraints), the beds weeded, a bush dug out, the pool filled, and a new flower bed dug in the front-- still in process--- later-- I'll get some photos...

So this is what happens around 3:30 at my house: ding dong, door bell rings, some small or medium sized boy is at the door. He is in shorts of some sort and casually has a towel slung over his shoulder or tucked under his arm.
"Is Jacob home?"
Hmmm.... Why yes he is.
"Can he come out and play?"
Well sure I'll ask him.
Within minutes I hear, "Mom, can you take the cover off the pool?"
And the chaos begins. No wonder our neighbors without children hate us and those with children love us! I have been asked, "What are you running a day care over there?" Some of our neighbors have issues, OK just the ones next door, OK just the man next door. But he also got completely drunk, drove home and proceeded to break into another neighbors house and then have an all out screaming swearing match with a different neighbor by the Stop sign with 7 kids standing by with their mouths hung open in disbelief! Great role modelling. While all this was taking place, I went over to talk to the woman and her 20 year old daughter next door, who confided in me that she was pregnant (and yes excited). Ahh the joy of rubbing shoulders with people. She was so embarrasssed by the actions of her Dad. And so we pray.

FYI.. the pool has already reached temperatures of 25 Celsius that is, and it's only June. I think our top temp. last summer was 22. Got to say, that's the best $400 I ever spent.

Oh ya, this post is about the garden, I digress. We have these new bins for garbage. We only get to put out 1 bin of yard waste every 2 weeks. I have a problem: this ain't gonna fit in the bin. I know a photo of my garbage, really? But there's a cost to beauty and this is it. I have a lot of purple bearded iris tubers that are going, going, gone if anyone is interested.....


Randi said...

Your garden already looks amazing. Can't wait to see it as it progresses. Looks like the kids are loving the pool!

"bigcanadiangirl" said...

Are those first shots lupins? I thought, "wow Linda's getting good with her new camera" and then I saw the Kevin Drew part.

"bigcanadiangirl" said...

Your garden looks great. Don't even talk about your pool temperature. It froze here last night.

erin said...

its actually more around 3:00, not 3:30, its basically as soon as all of them drop their backpacks off, maybe get a snack, put their swimsuits on and walk over.