Monday, December 14, 2009

I Had to be Reminded it was Monday

See this is why I shouldn't commit myself to doing something this regular. I almost forgot AGAIN! Well actually I didn't this morning, but did as the day wore on...
So I'm thankful...
28. that I didn't miss today's post.
29. that my girl had a great, fun time doing a Christmas gift exchange tonight (it isn't always easy with these girls)
30. for the pretty flakes that are falling tonight
31. for skipping Bible study and just having coffee
32. that my Christmas shopping is done!
33. for the wonder of thinking about the big PLAN- that He chose for it to involve a baby- who would do that?
34. for Christmas cookies and the ability to bake them together
35. the beauty of the world captured in digital and people so gifted at it
36. the similarities we have between us all
37. the silly license plate game my family plays and that I'm currently winning, and as part of that game Jacob yelled out 'Titz' and didn't know it was a bad thing.
38. for step by step craft instructions on projects that looked a lot easier than they are
39. watching my boy cuddle with his dog makes all the chewed suede boots worthwhile
40. that I'm still not quite 40! make that not quite 39 for another 25 hours!

holy experience


WPC Youth said...

I like your list today, and am so happy I didn't miss bible study!

"bigcanadiangirl" said...

I love that Jacob didn't know what it means. Does he now? What are you doing today?

Linda said...

He doesn't know.. I just made no comment..