Monday, December 28, 2009

NBA Christmas

Home from the whirlwind tour of Alberta - 1 night in Revelstoke, 2 nights in Calgary, 3 nights in Olds, and 3 more nights in Calgary. We haven't been "home" for Christmas for 3 years, so it was great to be with family!

We started the visit with my Mom's birthday and a family dinner that night. Got in a little skating at the local rink, a few sled runs down Gramma's back hill, coffee at Tim Horton's in Olds with an old friend, and Christmas Eve at church in Didsbury with lots of carols. Christmas morning started early with a nose bleed (Jacob), otherwise we might have slept in til 8:30, even with a 2 and a 4 year old in the house! I loved watching everyone open their stockings up and just know that this was a simple Christmas. The economy has been good that way to make us think about what it's really about.

My brother hosted Christmas dinner at his new house in Cochrane where we had a lovely sit down dinner (during the basketball game) for 19 of curried goat, turkey, oxtail, plantain, multiple veggies and salads too numerous to name, Jamaican rum cake and pumpkin pie. The best gift of all was announced before dinner - I'm going to be an AUNTIE again! My brother Paul's wife is expecting!! We're all rooting for a girl (except Jacob).

We had a bit of time to visit with a few different and wonderful friends that we wish we could see way more often!

And we're home to a quiet house with lots of good memories and thankfulness for 2009.


"bigcanadiangirl" said...

How is Ditto? Did he miss you?

"bigcanadiangirl" said...

Hey, I see those 3 sisters.

Randi said...

What a fun time. And how exciting about Paul and his wife!!