Sunday, September 5, 2010


So Erin has a case of Mesenteric lymphadenitis . She was sent home from hospital yesterday afternoon after the surgeon decided it was not appendicitis! We're so happy she doesn't need surgery 3 days before school starts! It's a viral thing, so just needs to rest up and deal with the continuing fevers and sweats.

We are so thankful for good hospital care, nice nurses, smart doctors, love and care from friends and family, and positive outcomes! Erin is NOT thankful for lab techs and needles, even though they did help diagnose the problem. Makes me think of the Moms and Dads who have to deal with much worse diagnoses for their children, like the overwhelmed Mom I met who's 16 year old just found out she has type 1 Diabetes, how life changing! You realize again that you would do anything for your children. It's agony for parents hearing the babies crying through the night on the ward and the Mom crying outside the "treatment room" where her poor little baby is getting an IV inserted or something worse. A place of joy and hope, and dread. After this experience, I can't wait til Kelowna gets their MUCH needed new ER, which should be opening next spring.

The sweetest thing, was when we were going to sleep at the hospital, me on the pull out plastic hide-a-bed, Erin says, "Mommy is that bed very comfortable, because we could switch if you want".

I rest in knowing that Jesus loves them more than I do.


"bigcanadiangirl" said...

So glad they figured it out Erin. You're so sweet to your Mama.

Randi said...

So glad they figured out what's going on. Now I hope she has a super fast recovery before school starts!