Monday, September 27, 2010


KD and I had a fabulous long weekend away to Salt Spring Island. It was about the worst timing that could have possibly happened, for us, for the kids, and for the grandparents to babysit, but we'd planned it months and months ago, not knowing it would come down to the same day he would start working. We felt it would be good to get away, so shortened it a bit and took off and relaxed with good friends....

It was a wildlife extravaganza... seals, otters, porpoises, raccoons, jellyfish, deer, and a wild husband :) We did lots of hiking, walking, beach combing, lazing around, and eating good food! I know this'll be way too many photos, but I couldn't narrow it down, it was so lovely there.

the view from Mt. Maxwell looking West
on Mt. Maxwell

"lighthouse" at Nose Point

near the Fulford Harbor ferry dock where we had the BEST lunch!

We happened upon OPEN marina day where all the boats docked were open to go inside and tour. We're going to go halves on one going for $800,000 with all maple paneling, and railings, sleeps 12, all bedrooms with their own little sinks, and an open top just needs a hot tub- absolutely amazing!

in our quaint cottage

the view from the living room

out the side door

Oh my yumminess! A crab feast bought from the docks and cooked ourselves with a LOT of garlic butter!!

This fantastic old, falling down barn we happened upon, looked like a dairy barn with the names of the cows on their stalls- Ernie, Sunday and Bradley. I'm sure a few from this spot will show up on KD's blog.

Such a fun morning of kayaking with a little seal friend who was fishing and playing with us

Sunset on the ferry ride home


Randi said...

That looked so beautiful.

I'm completely confused about your title. What did I miss? Two twins actually make bigger than a king, right? My mom put two twins together for my brother (growing up) and had to have a special mattress made.

And is she pregnant?? How fun!

Linda said...

We were on 2 twin beds pushed together. They are probably bigger than a king, but there’s still a crack in the middle :)
Yep she's prego.

"bigcanadiangirl" said...

Looks like so much fun. It's such a beautiful place.

gorge said...
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dennismarkk said...
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