Sunday, September 12, 2010


If I'm not thankful, my heart will grow bitter. If I don't continually look up, I might sink too low, I'll never find my way again. If God isn't real and isn't in it, then what point is there to any of it?

The other day I went to the store and hoped against hope I wouldn't see anyone I knew. I haven't showered in at least day or 3, my hair is pulled back, no make-up, in my sweats with pink pointy shoes on (they were just by the door), not enough sleep in a few days, too much worry on my head, but I needed icing sugar. We live in a neighborhood where you can definitely get away with looking that way in the Cooper's grocery store. Even many of the cashiers look a little rough around the edges, but I still didn't want to look like one of "those" people.

"THOSE" people!! I stopped myself. Who was I to compare myself with the many that I see on our streets, dressed a little down, looking like they haven't showered in days, waiting for a bus with a baby stroller loaded down with grocery bags? The vacant stare of a man sitting beside the road begging for money for something he craves, the thumb of the familiar cowboy wanting a lift up the hill. How am I any better than they are? Why in my mind do I not want to be compared to "them"? More connected.. maybe, more self sufficient.. maybe, more aware of my world.. maybe, but why? More blessed, definitely. Given life into a family of love and hope, yes. Having hope in something larger than myself, only because of grace!

What is their story? Have they been given the richness of life and blessings that I have? They are no less loved by the one who made them. They realize the depravity of their situations with more ease than those distracted by the wealth of the world, so self sufficient that they don't need God to make their world any better. "Those people" whose hearts may have borne more pain than I can probably imagine. Have their lives and choices, or the choices their parents made for them, been a burden to heavy to carry? Their God holds them in His hand just the same, waiting for them to look up and see Him. His love for them is as great as for my own children. He aches over their pain the same. And how can I give them a taste of it when I only view them that way? I have the hope to give away.

The more blessings and gifts given, the more responsibility to use them.