Friday, October 15, 2010

"Pizza on 3" - our team cheer

I was first introduced to Papa Murphy's right after Jacob was born. Another Mom I worked with at the Crisis Pregnancy Center brought it over for dinner one night. Loved them ever since.. and it took about 10 years for them to make it to this side of the border. Our boys' soccer team this year is sponsored by none other. I was pretty happy about that.

The season is winding to a close. It's a long coaching season (March-October), but we've enjoyed it so much this year. We have had the greatest group of boys (barring one that has been more than difficult to love at times) and had so much fun together! We'll miss the good team spirit that's happened. The boys have been on a total winning streak this fall, after losing a lot of games in the spring and they are hyped for the playoffs this weekend. Leaving practice yesterday the team was gathered together by one of the boys for another final cheer - on the street! Makes all those hours worthwhile! We've considered these boys and their families our ministry this year, loving them and hanging out with them 3 times a week.

We got a fantastic new color laser printer this week, been on the wish list for years, and was KD's little back to work gift for himself, so I spent the morning having fun with it and printing off some fun awards for the boys last game Sunday. Just think of all the things I'll be printing with my new (I mean the new "work" printer- he does use it for work A LOT).

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"bigcanadiangirl" said...

Good photo. I didn't know Kevin was coaching again too.