Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tous les bling-bling dont vous aurez besoin

Apparently I need more bling-bling in my life.
I've been told -- I got that spam e-mail twice today! I know am a pretty plain ordinary girl, not much into bling and such, I cut my own hair for Pete's sake. But I also don't need Viagr$ or a free university degree.

I also found out I have some secret readers that have been "spying" on me too, so I figured I better start writing something a little more interesting, more bling :) Not that my faithful old readers don't need interesting reading. So here's some tid bits from the week:

**my heart is breaking for a story I read, someone's life being lived this way, not a fairy story. My friend, who is sort of like my 3rd brother, is in Africa and tells a story of 3 orphans eating mud to keep from being hungry
**Erin happened on this fantastic blog!! Check out the painted pumpkin idea!
**this salad dressing is awesome, I brought it to work on a bed of lettuce, with a diced chicken breast, and a mandarin orange! OK I can't find it on the website anymore, so just try this instead, I made it for Kevin's birthday, it is divine!
**if you buy marbled rye bread, the kids still think it's chocolate bread and actually eat the sandwiches in their lunches
** I must be hungry, these are all about food!
**chai lattes are just better in a "to stay" mug
**this article resonated with me, I LOVE the encouragement on the pages of this blog
**I think I'll go do my, I mean Jacob's, paper route, he's not feeling great today

Happy Friday!

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Randi said...

How About Orange is a blog I love. She often has lots of fun stuff on there.

So how did you find your secret readers?