Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Spokane or Bust

The kids have been in Alberta visiting all the sights, playing with cousins, taking steam engine trains across the prairies, and visiting the penguins at the zoo for the past week.  It's been awfully quiet around here.  We've been discussing what it'll be like to have an empty nest, but not for like 10 years!  And I don't like the idea ONE BIT!  We have had some needed alone time and also some fun.  We decided to head south and do some shopping cross border and scored some serious deals!  It also worked out that we had the same plan as our dear Calgary friends (what a fluke blessing!), so we met up there, and had an awesome time and peaceful dinners on restaurant patios!  It was also nice to send the boys shopping for screws and hardware and have someone in the Kohl's change room to analyze outfits with.  Not that Kevin can't do that, but not with the same interest or enthusiasm level.
We are in the midst of some home reno. projects, and hauled back 800 pounds of tile, as well as outdoor flooring for the deck, and a new bathroom vanity for 1/3 of the prices here.  That, and our cooler full of cheese and grocery stock up, and we were pretty close to our limits.  I'll post before/after photos, but it'll be awhile!

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Randi~Dukes and Duchesses said...

Can't wait to see your projects!