Thursday, August 9, 2012


I am not a writer, don't claim to be, don't want to be, but I do love the written word.  Something about the way some people can weaves stories into words that can evoke emotion in a quick moment... is really a gift.

So I'll try to put into story something on my head.  Inspired by "5 Minute Friday" where you are to write for 5 minutes on the topic she gives you and post it... for my 1st time ever:

Five Minute Friday

I could feel pain the moment I glanced her way, dripping from her like open wounds, starting to heal, but still so fresh. One small twist the wrong way and they could burst open again.  I wanted to be so HERE, in the moment, available, PRESENT.  I had asked, no begged God to let me be anything He needed me to be in that moment, that nothing in my pre-conceived mind would interfere with the grace He wanted to bestow and maybe possibly could through me.  Yet, right here I could see eyes thick with tears, the kind that make it so blurry you can't see through them, and yet they don't quite have the chance to fall.  My heart aches for the pain, the losses, the desire for a "do-over", looking into a broken heart and I want to be able to pick up the pieces. To sit all afternoon and put them back together, like the obsession I get with a jigsaw puzzle and not being able to stop until it's done.

That part of me comes from somewhere, wanting to make it right, wanting someone to sit with me all afternoon over lemonade, with real lemons floating circles around the glass until all the ice cubes melt. But that isn't my job, doing the puzzles, fixing.  But only to be here, live in this moment of time with what is right before me.   And I wonder how we can actually be more present for each other.  Make a difference to the hurt and share forgiveness and grace, fix our messes together.

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I'm impressed Hemingway.