Saturday, December 15, 2007

Feeling Loved

So yesterday was my birthday and I am feeling very loved. It is great to have wonderful family and friends in my life and I feel so blessed and wonder how I deserve this, because sometimes I really am just a schmuck. But people love me anyways. One of the days cutest moments was the bubble bath the kids set up for me, complete with candles, tea, and chocolate and butterscotch chips to nibble on - I mean who wouldn't want to eat chocolate chips in the tub? All this to keep me out of the kitchen so Kevin could cook an amazing dinner of BBQ steaks. yummm..... So I am 37 and wonder what happened to all those ideas I had when I was 20. No there is not a mid-life crisis coming on!! I have 3 more years for that!

1 comment:

The Dukes Family said...

Love the bubble bath ... you have a great family! Did my gift arrive?