Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Random Thoughts

* going to Costco with friends is a guaranteed way to spend more money, but definitely a lot more fun
* the noise level in the house is exponentially related to the days away from Christmas, or birthdays for that matter, or a visit from Grandparents (only 6 more sleeps)
* birthdays in December are too stressful, I think I am officially changing my day to mid-June
* watching kids Christmas concerts is one of the best ways to spend an afternoon, can't wait for tomorrow!!
* to be FAIR with gifts for your kids, is it number of gifts or total price added together?
* when does hugging turn to wrestling? specifically with boys and dogs? If it ends in crying, I do think it has stopped being hugging, don't you?
* I love the house at night. I love the house during the day and I love the joy the kids bring and know the days slip by all too quickly, but once it's all quiet there's something nice about that too. When all the little heads are on their pillows in dream land. I know the day will come when I long for a little bit of something to go on around here and a little more noise, where things move around unknown to me, rather than staying clean until I use them again. Maybe the peaceful quiet has something to do with random thought #2.

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The Dukes Family said...

You're right about the noise level being directly related to Christmas ... not sure I can handle the next week! And yes, hugging and crying definitely equals wrestling - we commonly have that experience. It's the money value spent, not the number of gifts. :) Love your random thoughts.