Monday, December 3, 2007

Up Went the Replacement Tree

It was the first time ever -- REALLY-- that we haven't found a decent tree on our hunt. Once we got the wonderful specimen in the house, it just looked scrawny!! And with everyone coming here for Christmas, that just wouldn't do, so I dragged the family to the you cut tree farm about a km away. We saw sheep and sat by the fire having hot cider while they chain sawed our tree. Didn't hold quite the magic as last weekend. But the tree is much fuller and bushy! So last night we had a family evening to decorate the tree. The kids were wound right up, even after running through the snow and sledding for an hour. I suppose it'll stay that way for another 22 days. Erin wanted a photo of herself with each ornament she hung on her new camera. I stopped after 21!! It was getting a bit monotonous watching a 12 year old pose with each ornament and give some silly facial expression! It was a magical Christmas moment!

Don't the parents look so excited in this photo?

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The Dukes Family said...

That's so funny about Erin. I can't believe how big your kids are! I didn't know all the family would be there for Christmas ... fun!