Thursday, December 20, 2007


Now that I am pretty much ready for Christmas..... and what really does that mean? That is the question that everyone asks though. "Are you ready for Christmas?" I have decided that I think it means, have you bought all the stuff yet? When you think of it that way, it kind of cheapens the whole reason why I celebrate. Now I am totally into a great party with lots of yummy appetizers, good food, and people that you love around. I by no means am going to jam out on having food and fun because of the commercialism. But I wonder how to keep that out of my house and have only the peacefulness and joy of the season without the rush and stress of it all. I like the tradition of giving each other gifts to show your love for each other, and to remember the gifts given to THE baby. Maybe the gifts were more given to HIS parents. Now that idea I like! Really what would a baby do with gold, frankincense and myrrh? I could find some uses for the first 2 anyways. Speaking of which, I am still sifting through the dog's poo to find my silver earring that I think he swallowed the other day.

Well, I started by saying now that I am ready for Christmas.... I think it is quite funny to watch the people who aren't. The look of stress and frenzy on their faces and they rush through WalMart looking for that last minute gift. Maybe I'll go there today and just sit and watch the people. Although it does make me ill to see all the money spent on stuff when there are people who have nothing.

I like to be "ready" a few days before the 25th so I can actually take some time to rest and see if my heart is ready for the gift that we all received at Christmas.

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