Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First Day of School

This is a very traumatic day. This year as much as I am eager to get back to some routine and semblance of normalcy, I woke up with my stomach churning. I know I worry and stress much more than most other moms I talk to who are like "wooohoooooooo they're back to school- freedom". I miss not knowing what they do all day and seeing their cute not-so-little smiles.

A little brotherly love

My boy was awake, had breakfast and dressed before 7 am today! He has had the greatest attitude this year! Normally about a week or 2 before school starts he starts to exhibit anxiety related tics, and I know he's worrying. This year he didn't have any of that. We knew which of 2 teachers he would get and I LOVE them both- both are men- figure that one out? Teacher A : he had last year and he is teaching grade 5 this year and my boy would be very comfortable and right back into it. Teacher B : my girl had in grade 5 and I think he's fabulous, so into sports and fun and also great academically, really pushing them. So we, I say we because it is WE, got teacher B - Mr. Bergen! It's a 5/6 split so I know he'll get challenged to the upper level of grade 5. But the big disappointment, no friends at all in his class with him, and all of them with teacher A who he knows and loves and so thinks they are all going to have a big party in there with fun field trips and overnight camp-outs etc. I was so proud of him, his eyes started to fill up with tears and disappointment and then he stopped and said it's going to be OK and tried to be strong. And my bright shining girl came through with the best encouragements ever. Words that coming from Mom wouldn't mean the same.. you'll love him, you're going to have the best year, being with your friends doesn't matter because you see them always at lunch, you're going to love Mr. Bergen, he's the best! She had the same experience going into grade 5 with none of her friends with her, and came out having probably the best year of all her elementary years. So with my little boy settled into his new desk, we raced off to the middle school. Nice the times are staggered.
My girl begged me to come in with her to view the lists as we watched all the other parents drop off and run. So off we went, as soon as she saw a friend, off she went, but still looked to see where I was. She got in the same class as her friend, and off they went. We had a bit of concern over who her homeroom/math/science teacher is because of hear say. I've heard he's not so good, and coming off of last year with her math/science teacher spending most of his time on facebook (he personally told me that he only can engage the kids for 10 min. and then lets them work from their own out of the text book) so I'm a little worried as I don't want a repeat. So not sure what to do at this point, we'll wait the week out. I'll tell you, she missed a lot of math/science by the end of last year and had personal tutoring with Daddy. The class average at the end of the year on the school wide final exam was 59%, so that tells you something about the quality of the teaching. I know you homeschoolers are hollering, keep her home!! All her other teachers seem really great. So here's hoping for a good start to 2008! I know this is way more detail than anyone cares about, but you're the one who keeps reading :) I let her wear some of my mascara today, grade 8--POLL: when did you start wearing mascara?

So I got my floors all washed and my bathroom all cleaned in my 2 hours before I had to run back to the school. It's only a half day- they don't start for real til tomorrow.

Poor doggy Ditto didn't know what to do with himself all morning. Back to hanging out at Dad's feet and dragging different shoes out into the yard... argghhh....


erin said...

Poor Ditto!

Randi said...

Poor Ditto. Big day for the kids. Sounds like Jacob's going to do really well ... isn't it neat to see his maturity in handling the situation? I'm so glad this hasn't been as stressful for him this year. I started wearing mascara in grade seven. I think grade eight is totally fair. But ask me when I have an eighth grader! :)

Sandra said...

This home school-er is saying no such thing! With a mom and dad like you two they'll thrive anytime, anywhere!

And you have clean bathrooms. On a Tuesday. Keep them home?! Come look at MY house after our first day of school and see if it's any sort of consideration! ;)

'Course, the up-side is that it's 10:00 pm and we're up watching the 1930's version of "King Kong" for "home work." Lol.

Kirstin said...

beautiful photos!

Teachers...if they were so-so, I had to deal with it. But there were a couple of really bad ones, which my parents also 'intervened on' -- just like with you, those in charge of the schedules practically expected it. I guess it taught me in some way that education was important, if my parents were that bothered...but I'm glad that they were also like you in that they only did it when a matter of true concern, and were not 'dreaded-parents' who intervened at every juncture...it was probably good for me to learn to deal with some of the so-so teachers as well!

re: mascara...about 16! But it was probably my call -- my little sister started way before me! (And now, of course, I hardly wear it all!!)