Monday, August 3, 2009

Kevin's Pretend 40th Birthday

We spent an afternoon and evening at the lake with Kevin's whole family who came out from AB to help celebrate him. There was a lot of playing in the lake. Gramma in the tube with the 3 oldest grandkids.

Jacob and Sebastien fooling around only the ways boys know how.

Sammy looking cold even though it's over 30!!
He's like a little Erin.Then we had a competitive tournament of bocce.
Morgan plotting her next toss.

Some serious assessment going on.

Erin handedly beat this round, but with much encouragement.
Who knows what Jacob is doing, but he looks cool!
Seems to me maybe the winner was rigged...

Belly up to the trough... for some yummy, if I might say so myself, eats.. some of Kevin's favorite's- chicken satay, spring rolls, rice and for the rest of us lots of salads and sushi rolls...

Birthday Boy having a good time
Mom and Michelle

Home for cake
They're all a little wacky!The guys headed up to the KVR trestles for a good day of biking the next day and male bonding??

This is where the last fires of 2003 went through and they rebuilt the bridges.
Marc showing off his muscles again, right in front of the old guy no less...


erin said...

tracy and marc look so funny ;)

"bigcanadiangirl" said...

Happy Birthday Kevin. So you are older than me (hee, hee)

Randi said...

Fun party!