Thursday, August 20, 2009

Today in the Garden

I have about 8 tomato plants in this one spot that have gone a little "bananas" and grown all into one big heap so I can't tell where one starts and another ends. But there are lots of different sizes and shapes of berries growing. I heard from my trivia husband this week that tomatoes are neither fruit nor vegetable, but they are a berry. I'll concur with that because these ones taste so sweet!!

Today's produce pick... Those pesky little cucumbers, you turn your back on them for a day or 2 and voila, they turn huge! When we lived in Mukilteo and I had my 5 acres, I am positive that I could hear them growing! Must have been all that rain, and the nicest soil I'd ever seen, that had been laying fallow for a few years, but was really just composting all that time! I had rows of cukes because it was the year I learned how to pickle and how not to pickle. And pickle we did! Every day we'd go out and there would be more and we were sure we'd gotten them all the eve before.


"bigcanadiangirl" said...

Oh yum.

Randi said...

According to Wikipedia, a berry is officially a fruit.