Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Madame Blueberry

I figured out my problem. I haven't taken any photos for like 2 weeks. What's with that? For those of you who have watched Veggie Tales, remember the Madame (gee I wish I was in France :) Blueberry song, "I'm so blue oo-oo- blue-oo-oo blue-ooo -ooooooooo. I'm so blue I don't know what to do."
Well I'm snapping out of it. Nothing like a good Starbucks trip with a girlfriend at 10pm (yes I had caffeine) and getting out of the city for a few days to give you some refocus! We went on this fabulous 20 km bike ride and I didn't remember to bring my camera. There were a few good photos ops. Oh well, they'll have to remain as mental images.
There's this place we love to camp... every year we go at least for a weekend. There's a fabulous fishing/swimming hole along a river with a sandy beach. I know we live right by the best lakes in Canada, and yet we go to a river. Call me strange. You can float down for miles though on floaties of all sorties :)

I love this shot esp, that her eyes are closed :)

"Honey. honey how you thrill me uh huh honey honey. " Sorry watched Mama Mia last week with Erin, ABBA on the brain. As I was taking this photo I was thinking, "that guy with the beer can had better just move, or I'll have to photoshop him out." He WOULDN't move!
Cute butts!
My photo taking ability never ceases to amaze me. Too much flash in the pitch black makes for some good facial expressions! Guess I'll leave the good stuff to someone else.


Randi said...

Looks like you had fun!

"bigcanadiangirl" said...

Looks like fun. I see you took the hairy beast along too.