Friday, September 11, 2009

Hi Ho Hi Ho's off to work I go.... 2 of my friends have had babies this week and it makes me think I might rather be at home doing that instead of going TO work. But then the thought passed and went away.
.....seems to me lately that a lot of people are going through some major changes. What is up with that? Is it just the economy? You could say that, or maybe, I wonder, if God is calling His people to reorder our lives and priorities. To stop for a minute and look around. Maybe smell the roses, look at the hurt around us, decide again today to follow Him, that we NEED to cling to Him. My knitting club ladies have all decided to take a hiatus before we start back because everyone has had major stuff going on all summer and we can't even seem to get it together once a month... when we need each other more. For one, her Dad died suddenly only a year after her Mom, for another her Dad had an aortic aneurysm one week after that first incident and we were both there comforting her, for another she was evacuated from her house this summer for fire and her husband is off work, and for the other, well she's the womens' pastor in our church that the senior pastor just resigned, enough said.
....the weekend looks like sun, sun, sun and my honey turns 40 tomorrow!

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Sandra said...

To "decide, again, to follow Him."

That's kind of what we were talking about at dinner tonight.

I wonder just how "re-ordered" things will become?