Monday, September 14, 2009


FYI.... Jacob got the teacher we really wanted. They have had so many changes this year, that today was the day they finally posted the classroom teachers. Seeing as I had talked to the principal in the spring and said we REALLY... REALLY preferred one teacher over the other, he obliged me and personally came and told me this morning who Jacob was getting. He is such a great principal!! Of course the other grade 6 teacher came up to me and said she had really wanted Jacob in her class because she had Erin and knew he was also such a great student. Erin was a bit of her favorite student back then. Hopefully I navigated that interaction being positive still about her. She's just a total spaz! Jacob has a good bunch of boys in there too.

I love Mr. B because he cares about the kids, who they are and who they become, about social responsibility and being active physically and in your community. He cares about who their friends are, and engaging their minds intellectually! He loves family and helping hurting kids, and pushes them hard academically. All the things I want for my son this year! This is why I continue to meddle in my children's education. It's reinforcing what they learn at home from another respectable adult with integrity... in the real world.

So, Monday mornings can be a good time.


"bigcanadiangirl" said...

Oh good. Your talk was worth it then.

Sandra said...

Go, Mom!