Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Zing Fling

This weekend, Erin was in the horse show she's been preparing for ALL summer! She clipped and groomed and got ready Friday night, got the horse there, was up at the crack of dawn Saturday morning, and all did not go as well as planned. She was looking great in the warm-ups, but had a serious case of stage fright overtake her, and a tense rider, means a confused and stressed out horse, who was also not the most cooperative. The day was cut short and her hopes of entering the jumping classes dashed by the way her first 2 classes turned out. We were all so disappointed, and a little stressed. A few tears were shed by both of us.

They were still the prettiest team out there!

Nice bum!

Feeling a little defeated....
all that hard, hard work, but the effort is NEVER, ever lost my dear girl!

Makes me think of life and how often we have disappointments. It seems sometimes there are too many. More than one person can handle, and at other times, so much joy. I guess we learn how to deal with it, grieve different sorrows and become stronger. I really want to see more of Jesus in the whole situation though. I don't want for her to just feel defeated, disappointed, and sad. I want for her to feel confident and alive and loved, strong, able, good and like the hard work pays off. To feel good about the trying, the learning, and not that a failure in her own eyes. There were so many successes in the day! The relationship building with her coach, learning a new amazing braid, learning ways to be calm and confident, or knowing we need to learn some, fixing her jacket for the NEXT time (yes there will be next time), knowing that tomorrow will probably be a better day I want to think of more.... It could be definitely a humbling experience, but Erin is not a proud girl, she is so so humble. There just seem too many disappointments lately for her.

So what does Jesus think? I think He just loves beyond what we can ever know, love beyond a human parent's love, and knowledge to the depths of our souls. That He knows each part of us more than we do, and why we are that way, and that HE loves it all!! After all He made it that way.

" the LORD is my light and my salvation. The LORD is the strength of my life, of whom(or what) shall I be afraid (or worried)?"
"I can do all things through HIM who gives me strength"

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"bigcanadiangirl" said...

What an insightful post Mama! Disappointment sucks Erin. I'm sorry that it didn't go as you hoped. It also makes me think of Jeremiah 11:29 "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."