Sunday, July 15, 2012

Robin's Egg Blue

 I was out last week ready to prune back my climbing roses that were going crazy, when I saw a nest from below.  Found out we have the most amazing view of the whole event from above, right outside Jacob's bedroom window.  Mommy robin is actively taking control of the backyard in her efforts to hatch these eggs.

 Last night, when we got home, I took another peek, and they've started hatching!!  They are featherless little pink blobs at the moment.  One egg still left to go.

Daddy robin is having a stressful day today as we spent a good part of the morning picking cherries.  We left him lots so he can have quick access to a good snack.  He's got a great look out from this vantage point.

Still today, there's one left to go.  How long apart can they hatch, or will this one not make it?  I'll Google and let you know.  I did see their little beaks sticking out this morning.

Oh phew.. the last egg still has a chance.  Apparently, the mother will lay one egg a day for 4 days = 4 eggs (usually), so they will hatch in the order they were layed, and can take up to a day to hatch.  We can expect the birds to stay in the nest 14-16 days.  They need to be fed 9-16 times a day.  Should be a busy place for the next while.   Daddy has been carrying worms back and forth and standing guard. 

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"bigcanadiangirl" said...

What's the status on the last egg? I love Robin's eggs.