Saturday, July 21, 2012

This Week in My Garden

It seems like so many things are crazy in the world today.  Things turning upside down in a moment.  I'm not good with words, sometimes too harsh with them, don't always say what I mean, or really describe what I am thinking and it comes out all wrong. But my heart beats full with blessings and I think of so many ways I am thankful:  for the small things, for the big things.  For silly stories in the dark, evenings out with the girls, cherries, cherries and more cherries, the way the light falls through the storm clouds, knowing I'll always be loved for 18 years and many more, toddlers running around my kitchen, teenagers who think we're OK, grandmas who plan exciting adventures for summer outings, friends at the touch of a button whenever you need a quick word of advice, especially on what to wear for a job interview.  And laughter.
We were up way past bedtime talking with friends who were just stopping over, and just felt like we are holding precious moments of life in our hands, memories and futures. Somehow we are learning to trust God that He has plans and control over everything else as it happens.  To hold on tight, but not too tight.  To know when to cling on and when to let go.  I don't know if I'll be able to learn that one ever.

This week in the garden:

 Carol's sweetest of all sweet peas, her love of gardening, her vigor for life and for all she left behind.  Makes me almost cry every time I look at them.

 Holy hostas!!

 The clematis intertwining with the grape vine

Our little babies are feathering out.  Egg #4 didn't hatch, but we have 3 little robins whose parents freak out every time we poke our heads out the window to peek.  You can sort of see 2 beaks there.  I need photographer man to get a better shot for me.

 Angrily watching on, mad about our disruption.  I've been amazed at their dedication. Loved having them out with me this week while I've been out in the yard so much!

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Randi~Dukes and Duchesses said...

Your garden is so beautiful! Are those hydrangeas?? Stunning!