Tuesday, July 24, 2012

And he's off...

My boy is off to the Ark for the week of his life.  All the Moms are at home praying for safety, fun and spiritual renewals and safety, oh ya and safety.  Especially in the wake of the devastating death at a local camp on the weekend.  Our hearts are with the family and we are praying for whatever you can pray for when someone loses a child.  It just seems not right!  And our hearts cry out!

And I can only be thankful for each moment that we are given.

473.  lazy summer days
474.  apricots overflowing their bright orange insides into jars
475.  this amazing girl I'm given who fills this house with music and cookies
476.  life long friends
477.  this boy who is on the brink of so much and brings the house to life, it's so quiet when he's gone
478.  faith that burns deep down even though sometimes it seems like so much work
479.  a faithful, hard working man

Love these words today from Ann:

In the beginning, our God spoke beauty because He is Beauty and the God of the Bible is an artist and what you must never forget is that you are His art. Touch your face right now and feel what you really are, what His Son whispers, “My masterpiece worth dying for, my beauty worth redeeming.”

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"bigcanadiangirl" said...

Have a great time Jacob!!