Monday, March 24, 2008

All the Handsome Men in My Life

#1 Man

#1 Boy

Brother #1

Brother #2

How much fun can you have with an old guy in a blue wig?
#1 Father-in- law

Nephew #1

Nephew #3 and Brother-in-law #2 (the French one)

#1 Man and #4 Nephew
(Doesn't he look like the spitting image of my daughter at that age,
but more boyish of course!!)

Nephew #2 gets video because no photos turned out and he's adorable!

And now for some LOVELY ladies:

Me - of course - getting in some snuggles from the littlest Drew

Mom-in-law became an official senior citizen- the reason for our trip to Calgary.

My 2 lovely sister in laws and my most lovely daughter. It's a contest every time to see who's tallest, but we didn't think she'd pass Auntie Rose too :)

#1 Mom!

Copyright- all photos taken by my girl not me!


"bigcanadiangirl" said...

Wowza! You lucky lady. Tell you're girl that I'm busy tracing her photos tonight - mural to come...

The Dukes Family said...

Oooh, what mural is happening?

Those are great photos. Your mom looks beautiful, your little brother looks JUST like you (I haven't seen him for a long time), your older brother looks totally the same, and #4 nephew is the spitting image of Erin as a baby!